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The Mystery Shopping Providers Association offers training for shoppers to fine tune their skills and certifies them in two levels; Silver and Gold. With MSPA Certification you will be qualified for choice or higher paying shops due to your industry education and dedication to improvement your craft. Certified mystery shoppers are viewed as safe, reliable and, highly skilled shoppers that a mystery shopping provider can depend on.

Silver leSilver Mystery Shopping Certification is awarded by the MSPA.vel certification costs $15 and the test can be taken online. The Silver MSPA Certification program is a basic skills test to ensure that shoppers have a basic understanding of the mystery shopping industry. The test includes basic reading and comprehension skills, and the ability to follow directions. You must obtain Silver Certification before you can be Gold Certified.

Gold Mystery Shopping Certification is awarded by the MSPA.Gold level certification costs $75 for a training DVD or $125 for an in-person certification seminar (these are rarely held). The Gold MSPA Certification program is a more in-depth series of tests, which are used to validate the experience and skills of the most serious mystery shoppers.

Please visit the MSPA website to learn more about mystery shopping certification.

HS Brands International also offers our own certifications. To take any of our tests, please navigate to our Testing Center once you have logged into your profile.

  • Casino Shopper Certification
  • Operational Audit Certification
  • Video Shopper Certification
  • Loss Prevention Certification
  • Franchise Audit Certification
  • Airport Badge Certification
  • Merchandising Certification