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The Mershimer Group believes in developing loss prevention programs through a proactive approach of raising awareness of loss prevention policies and procedures and putting deterrents in place. Losses occur in all daily operations, we help to mitigate those losses and increase your bottom line. With an international team of auditors, private investigators, and contractors throughout our LP network, who have passed a battery of screenings in order to work with our clients, we have the utmost confidence that we can provide you with a of loss prevention programs tailored to fit your business. To learn more about our Loss Prevention strategies, pleas download our free whitepaper.
Our services include:

  • Outsourced and Co-sourced Loss Prevention ProgramsHS Brands Whitepaper

A typical Loss Prevention Program includes but is not limited to:

    • Monthly or Quarterly Mystery Shopping Services
    • Loss Prevention Audits
    • Loss Prevention Meetings
    • Loss Prevention Awareness Visits
    • Royalty Assurance Programs
    • Brand Standards Evaluations
    • The We Care Business Abuse Hotline
    • Theft and Loss Investigative Services
    • Consultation on Loss Prevention Policy and Procedure Development or Refinement
    • Corporate Loss Prevention and Security Guidance and Support

Loss Prevention Impact