Shopper Warning: High risk solicitation for mystery shoppers

There is a new “mystery shopping provider” that is allegedly charging shoppers to access mystery shopping companies and mystery shopping jobs. It has been reported to the MSPA that unauthorized charges are now coming up on these shoppers’ credit/debit cards after the initial fee to gain access to a list of mystery shopping companies/jobs. Also, this company’s phone operators are well coached in convincing you it is a legitimate mystery shopping provider, in order to get your credit card number.

Please consider this a warning to all current and potential mystery shoppers!

The MSPA says member companies will never charge you to become a mystery shopper or to see a list of legitimate mystery shopping providers. A list of legitimate mystery shopping providers can always be found on the MSPA website. HS Brands International is an MSPA member and abides by all MSPA policies and its code of ethics.

If anyone has any more information on this company, please comment on the blog or our Facebook page so other shoppers are aware of this company.

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