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HS Brands International is one of the leaders of mystery shopping services in India. Headquartered in Boston, MA, the mystery shopping company also has offices in Las Vegas, Italy, France Turkey, Argentina and India.

HS Brands International began offering mystery services shopping in India in 2008. Since undertaking numerous diverse projects that span all industries, HS Brands India has over 6000 shoppers that help complete projects in a timely and professional manner. Right from its inception, HS Brands has been privileged to cater to a wide assortment of clients from various industries. Over the years we have grown to be the most preferred choice for mystery shopping for a large number of clients from India and abroad. HS Brands delivers impeccable mystery shopping services in India to an array of industries like:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Telecom & Electronics
  • Retail Luxury Products
  • Hospitality
  • Garment Retail
  • Automobile
  • Leisure & Amusement
  • Financial services
  • Casino and gaming
  • Franchising

HS Brands is a proud member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association or the MSPA, which is the largest professional trade association dedicated to manage and improve customer service quality through secret resources. The MSPA represents a large number of mystery shopping companies in India and abroad. HS Brands International abides by the strong professional ethics formed by the MSPA and takes pride in achieving our goals with utmost integrity, professionalism, transparency and most significantly confidentiality.

The main objective of mystery shopping services in India is to help a company improve their sales by providing information on customer service.  It is about giving ingenuous opinion about the quality of service offered, amiability of the shopping space, teamwork of the employees, expertise of the store associates and so on. Thus, it is very important for a shopper to observe carefully so that they can derive conclusions and write about it. These mystery audits in India are capable of giving a company a view into the customer’s experience in their location.

We have been successfully delivering services of impeccable quality in countries like Australia, China, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. We analyze and identify the most crucial aspects of our clients’ business and offer tailor made services for each of them.

The software is user-friendly and ensures that the reports are in comprehensive formats. Users can log in and see a snapshot of the mystery shopping data and pull reports that offer more detail. Types of mystery shopping reports are: trending, location, comparative, etc.

Mystery shoppers are tested and certified according to what shops they plan to complete. We also use a rating system to help them improve their shops for next time.

The Process of Mystery Shopping

The Process of Mystery Shopping in India. Shopper Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can mystery shop?

Anyone above the age of 18 years, having some spare time and an eye for detail can undertake mystery shopping assignments for mystery shopping companies in India. Access to the internet is also required. The profile of the mystery shopper for a particular assignment is based on the client’s requirement. Ex. For a fast food restaurant, the profile required will be male or female, 20-35 years of age, income of Rs. 20000+ per month, English speaking  etc. Similarly, the profile will vary for garment stores, automobile showrooms etc. As we have clients from different sectors, we require shoppers ranging from 18 years to 60+ years across India.

2. What are the benefits?

You shop and get paid for it! We pay the shopper a fee for taking such assignments.

3. How to sign up in the system?

Go to www.hsbrands.com/login and click the country you live in and sign up as a new shopper by clicking the ‘New Contractor Sign Up.’ Follow the instructions and fill out all the details. We need these details ONLY to match the profile with the client’s requirement.


4. How do I receive payment?

You will receive the shopper fee within 45-60 days of submitting the completed report. The payment is done through online transfer into your bank account.


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Email: Sanjeev.Shenoy@HSBrands.com
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