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HS Brands Mystery Shopping Services has wide operations all over Asia and South East countries.

Key objective

‘Mystery Shopping Services’ ensures execution of effective services by a company which results in increased sales and quality service. The services are carried out by means of a clear feedback report of the operations in a company within their domain in the business world. It can be either by checking the customer service operations or by analysing the product quality.

Within a shopping environment or a service delivery atmosphere, many factors are deemed crucial in generating business. This may be the way the service is offered, the attractiveness of the shopping space, team work of the employees, expertise of the employees in managing customers, gaining them as potential customers/clients etc.

Mystery Shopping Services not only improves the quality of service but is also a proven method to build product credulity and help in placing a superior brand name in the market. For benchmarking a product or services amongst a competitive market, we at HS Brands, work on a Brand Protection module which fits in various checking and analysing methods, tailor made to support your brand and requirements.


Our professional way of approach for brand quality checks in the Indian environment includes –

  • Customer Experience Management Operations
  • Brand Loyalty checks for a product
  • Training Need Analysis within a shop
  • Training Effectiveness Checking for an environment
  • Integrity Checks for a brand or a product
  • Team Engagement for effective sales or service
  • Scope of using Missed Sale Opportunities
  • Brand Compliance checks with different variety of goods and service
  • Social Media Responsiveness checking for Product Brand
  • Competitor Benchmarking reports creation
  • Analysis and Report Submission of Market Intelligence related to a specific shopping sector or industry
  • Guidelines and Report Submission for product specific brand pull
  • Promoting a brand with various techniques

 Industries we cover

Mystery Shopping Services are applicable to various industries such as Food and Beverage, Telecom and Electronics, Retail and Luxury Products, Hospitality, Garment Retail shops, Automobile sector, Leisure and Amusement, Financial services, Franchising and many more.


HS Brands is a proud member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), which is the largest professional trade association dedicated to manage and improve customer service quality through secret resources. The MSPA represents a large number of mystery shopping companies in India and abroad. HS Brands abides by the strong professional ethics formed by the MSPA and takes pride in achieving the goals with utmost integrity, professionalism, transparency and most significantly adheres to maintain confidentiality.

Eligibility and Selection

A ‘Mystery Shopper’ performs the task of submitting their profile or resumes to the Mystery Shopping Website. The shopper profiles are categorized based on their age group, eligibility, qualifications, status in the society, educational background etc. Assignments are offered to appropriate shoppers for various industries or services according to the location, shopper ratings and experience.

A shopper is eligible for Mystery Shopping in India with HS Brands, for particular goods or services if he or she passes the industry or client test before executing the shopping. For Mystery Shopping Services, we require shoppers of the age group ranging from 18 years to 60+ years across India. The assignments are delivered to the shoppers according the client‘s requirement. For e.g., For a fast food restaurant, the basic profile requirement for a Mystery Shopper would be: male or female, 20-35 years of age, income of Rs. 20000+ per month, ability to converse in English and having fair writing ability. Similarly, the profile for a Mystery Shopper in India would vary for garment stores or automobile showrooms etc.

Mystery Shopping pays!

HS Brands pays a shopper fee for undertaking such assignments. Anyone within the specified age group, signing as a Mystery Shopper with HS Brands is entitled with a username and password. The pre-requisite is to go through the instructions and fill the details mentioned in the website form. These details are taken only to match the profile with the client’s requirement. All information entered in the process is secured and not shared with any other party. Once the registration process is done, a shopper is unrestricted to do Mystery Shopping in India in any available location in a city, town or a remote area. The shopper fee can be availed within 45-60 days of submitting the completed report. The payment is done through online transfer to the shopper’s bank account.

The process, at a glance

A location is selected by a Mystery Shopper followed by the approval of the HS Brands team confirming the assigning of the audit. Once this is done, the Mystery Shopper carries out the shopping at the specified location following the parameters/scenarios which the questionnaire demands. The parameters and scenarios are provided by our team for scoring the development of operations with a number marking system. The Mystery Shopper exercise is monitored by our quality control team and communication/reporting at the final stage is delivered to the client after the review of our team panel.

Welcome to the World of Mystery Shoppers and Mystery Shopping in India!

Shopper Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can mystery shop?

Anyone above the age of 18 years, having some spare time and an eye for detail can undertake mystery shopping assignments for mystery shopping companies in India. Access to the internet is also required. The profile of the mystery shopper for a particular assignment is based on the client’s requirement. Ex. For a fast food restaurant, the profile required will be male or female, 20-35 years of age, income of Rs. 20000+ per month, English speaking  etc. Similarly, the profile will vary for garment stores, automobile showrooms etc. As we have clients from different sectors, we require shoppers ranging from 18 years to 60+ years across India.

2. What are the benefits?

You shop and get paid for it! We pay the shopper a fee for taking such assignments.

3. How to sign up in the system?

Go to Login and click the country you live in and sign up as a new shopper by clicking the ‘New Contractor Sign Up.’ Follow the instructions and fill out all the details. We need these details ONLY to match the profile with the client’s requirement.


4. How do I receive payment?

You will receive the shopper fee within 45-60 days of submitting the completed report. The payment is done through online transfer into your bank account.


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