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The Mershimer Group, Inc. is currently considering applicants for contract field consultants nationwide. These positions are ideal for loss prevention and audit professionals who are recently retired, currently on sabbatical, are looking for contract work to supplement their current income, or other loss prevention jobs. The work involves conducting audits, mystery shops, business inspections, investigations and other typical loss prevention activities.

Required experience necessary for consideration:

  • Minimum 3 years multi-unit retail/restaurant experience in a loss prevention, security, or audit position.
  • Ability to travel including weekends as needed.
  • The ability to provide no less than three professional references in retail loss prevention and/or audit field.

We are especially interested in candidates who possess a valid Private Investigator’s license. Please submit a cover letter highlighting your experience, along with your resume, references and if applicable, please provide a listing of states that you hold a valid PI license in to:
Mike Miller

If you would like to become a Mystery Shopper/Contractor and are looking for secret shopper jobs, please visit the New Shopper/Contractor sign up page.